Linden Lab® Outfits – Female

All of the avatars provided by Linden Lab in the Library come with clothing and accessories that can be mixed and matched any way you want to. There’s an amazing variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories (even a mesh Bento horse!) that’s all free.

Using the Library

To access the Linden Lab® outfits, open Inventory. You’ll see two main folders, Inventory and Library. The Library folder contains all of the things provided by Linden Lab® for you to use in Second Life®. Open the Clothing folder in the Library to see the folders with outfits. When you drag an outfit folder onto your avatar, you will be wearing everything in the folder, and a copy of the folder and its contents will appear in your Inventory, in your own Clothing folder. Once you have done that for several (or all) of the Library outfits, you can mix and match whatever pieces you want.

Mesh vs. Classic Avatars and Mesh vs. Classic Clothing

To me, mesh is like molded plastic. Whole avatars can be mesh, different body parts can be mesh, hair can be mesh, clothing can be mesh, and shoes and jewelry are often mesh. Mesh items need to be designed outside of Second Life and imported in. Mesh clothing usually comes in standard sizes. If the clothing does not cover your whole avatar and bits stick out (as is usually the case) you need to wear an alpha layer. The alpha layer makes the body part invisible so the only thing that’s seen is the mesh clothing.


Two notes:

1) You’ll notice that some of the female outfits are pretty skimpy compared to the male counterparts. Just use the parts that you like, and feel free to try the male outfits to see what works, too. For instance, I like the Male Student jeans better than any of the female pants because they cover my midriff.

2) The older boots need an alpha layer to look right in the Firestorm viewer, which does not support the invisiprim technique that the older boots are made with.

LL Avatar - Female - AbigailLL Avatar - Female - AmyLL Avatar - Female - AnnaLL Avatar - Female - CarlaLL Avatar - Female - ChrisLL Avatar - Female - Clubgoer Female

LL Avatar - Female - DaisyLL Avatar - Female - ElizabethLL Avatar - Female - ElleriaLL Avatar - Female - Female ActionLL Avatar - Female - Female AverageLL Avatar - Female - Female BollywoodLL Avatar - Female - Female CityLL Avatar - Female - Female CosplayLL Avatar - Female - Female CyborgLL Avatar - Female - Female DancerLL Avatar - Female - Female DesignerLL Avatar - Female - Female ExplorerLL Avatar - Female - Female FantasyLL Avatar - Female - Female Future PunkLL Avatar - Female - Female GladiatorLL Avatar - Female - Female GothLL Avatar - Female - Female PartyLL Avatar - Female - Female PirateLL Avatar - Female - Female RockerLL Avatar - Female - Female SteampunkLL Avatar - Female - Female StudentLL Avatar - Female - Gamer FemaleLL Avatar - Female - Gamer GirlLL Avatar - Female - Girl Next Door 1LL Avatar - Female - Girl Next Door 2LL Avatar - Female - IllianaLL Avatar - Female - KaraLL Avatar - Female - KimberlyLL Avatar - Female - LeahLL Avatar - Female - MariaLL Avatar - Female - MorganLL Avatar - Female - Musician FemaleLL Avatar - Female - Petrol SueLL Avatar - Female - Professional FemaleLL Avatar - Female - Rhiannon

LL Avatar - Female - Ruth
Ruth is the original Second Life avatar. When you hear about someone being “Ruthed,” it means that their avatar has reverted to this shape and skin. This is the sort of skin that is made by using the sliders.

LL Avatar - Female - Shawna

Mesh Avatars

There are quite a few creators making mesh avatars and parts of them (heads, feet, hands, etc.) Like mesh clothing, they work using an alpha layer to hide the classic avatar by making it transparent, then you wear the mesh avatar (or part) over that. Besides my personal philosophical objections to standardized avatar shapes, mesh avatars can be tricky to clothe. The following are the Linden Lab mesh avatars. Mesh avatars cannot be separated into shapes and skins; it’s kind of like sticking a doll’s body on top of the avatar body.

LL Avatar - Female Mesh - AliciaLL Avatar - Female Mesh - DelilahLL Avatar - Female Mesh - LucyLL Avatar - Female Mesh - MarissaLL Avatar - Female Mesh - SaraLL Avatar - Female Mesh - Vampire Hunter AlisonLL Avatar - Female Mesh - Vampire MariahLL Avatar - Female Mesh - Vampire VanessaLL Avatar - Female Mesh - Zoe