Linden Lab® Avatar Skins – Men

Linden Lab® Avatar Skins

Linden Lab® provides quite a few free avatars in the Library part of your Inventory. You can mix and match various pieces of these avatars to get started with creating your own custom look. The pictures in this folder show the various full-perm skins in the Library with the same shape so you can see the differences in the skins. Some of the skins include a t-shirt and briefs as part of the skin; these cannot be removed. The boxer shorts on some of the skins are separate.

To access the Linden Lab® outfits, open Inventory. You’ll see two main folders, Inventory and Library. The Library folder contains all of the things provided by Linden Lab for you to use in Second Life. Open the Clothing folder in the Library to see the outfits. When you drag an outfit folder onto your avatar, you will be wearing everything in the folder, and a copy of the folder and its contents will appear in your Inventory, in your own Clothing folder. Once you have done that for several (or all) of the Library outfits, you can mix and match whatever pieces you want.

Making Your Own Skins

Modifying any of these skins requires using graphics programs like Photoshop or Gimp, and I don’t know how to do it, so I can’t explain it. Try out the free skins from the Library, and the other free skins that are included in this package. Remember that the shape that you wear will alter somewhat how the skin looks.


Boy Next Door Skin


Clubgoer Male Skin


Male Explorer Skin


Male Future Punk Skin


Male Gladiator Skin


Male Pirate Skin