GPA Originals – Women’s Tops

This is the first T-shirt that I made, from Robin Wood’s tutorial. I used my self-designed logo, and now I can put this URL on the back of it! Stop by our Second Life® shop or OpenSim shop for your free copy. The jeans and shoes are included; they are from the Linden Lab® Library.

Here are more offerings, made from templates but curated and colored by me. Take a look at our philosophy to see why these are all classic SL system pieces. All of these pieces are available in our Second Life®  shop and on the Second Life® Marketplace.

The GPA Women’s Tank Top Fatpacks show our basic color range. Colors are a combination of Pantone colors and our own. The color names are designed to work alphabetically in your Inventory (yes, I am a librarian!) Everything (except the Sweater Sets) can be made in whatever color you would like.

GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Blue 512
Blue Fatpack:
Blue Pale, Blue Lapis, Blue Blue, Blue Periwinkle, Blue Royal, and Blue  Navy
GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Aqua 512
Aqua Fatpack:
Blue Island Paradise, Blue Niagara, Blue Ghostraven, Blue Turquoise, Blue Aqua, and Blue Teal
GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Green 512
Green Fatpack:
Green Apple, Green Kelly, Green Forest, Greenery, Green Olive, and Green Kale
GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Red and Yellow 512
Red & Yellow Fatpack:
Yellow Primrose, Yellow Yellow, Red Sangria, Red Clay, Red Red, and Red Dark
GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Brown and Orange 512
Brown & Orange Fatpack:
Brown Autumn, Brown Cocoa, Brown Darker, Brown Brandy, Orange Flame, and Orange Orange
GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Neutrals 512
Neutrals Fatpack:
Tan Cream, Tan Taupe, Tank Khaki, Tan Hazelnut, Grey Pale, and Grey Dark
GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Pink 512
Pink Fatpack:
Pink Dogwood, Pink Blush, Pink Pink, Pink Rose, Pink Fuschia, and Pink Yarrow
GPA Womens Tank Tops Fatpack - Purple 512
Purple Fatpack:
Purple Orchid, Purple Sapphire, Purple Eggplant, Purple Lilac, Purple Grape, and Purple Purple