Avatar Outfits

cropped-ghostraven-professional-attire-shop_001.jpgBy mixing and matching pieces in various ways, and saving each combination as a separate Outfit, you can create your own individual looks for a variety of occasions in virtual worlds. Putting on the outfit is as easy as dragging that outfit’s folder from your Inventory onto your avatar. If you go to events in a Victorian sim (like my pub in Caledon), you can put on a Victorian outfit. If you go to an event for Tinies in Raglan Shire, you can put on an outfit with your Tiny avatar and clothes. If you go to nightclubs, you can save club outfits. If you attend educational meetings and events, you can put on businesslike clothes, and that’s where Ghostraven Professional Attire comes in.


The photo to the left shows a system dress with classic avatar pumps from Wetherby’s and a shrug from Snowpaws. The hair is Sarah, from Alli&Ali. The shape is my own custom shape, and the skin is a freebie from Del Mar.