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Are you wishing you could find some decent clothing to wear to meetings and educational events in Second Life? This is your one-stop shop to looking business-like and professional. We offer affiliate vendors for such designers as Moonstar clothing, Lindy’s shoes, and Alli&Ali hair, for ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between. I am also beginning to have fun creating my own designs.

I believe that customizing one’s avatar leads to greater immersion and greater learning in virtual worlds. Most of what we feature is traditional system clothing with prim attachments. Aside from mesh hair and shoes, mesh will not fit customized shapes well without an alpha layer, which masks the avatar’s shape. (Even fitmesh, while better, does not really fit nonstandard avatar shapes well.) I believe that people come in many more than five standard shapes and sizes, and some of us would like to represent ourselves within virtual worlds in a way that reflects reality. I feel that this has relevance to body image issues that people may have in their physical lives. At least in a virtual world, we can customize our appearance.

This store specializes in human classic avatars (plus a little bit for Tinies) with modest-looking system and prim clothing. (This also has the side benefit of creating less lag, especially if the hair is not too complex.) Although of course you are not limited to these, that is our focus. Although we do sometimes have a few mesh outfits, most of our things can be customized. Given that, we keep in mind that within virtual worlds there is a wide scope for what may be considered professional, and nonhuman avatars certainly can be appropriate. I sometimes attend professional events as my Tiny avatar, a little hedgehog in business clothing. Vive la difference! If you prefer mesh, we recommend Zinnia Zauber’s “hue are you?” line.

I can help your avatar self match the professional image that you wish to convey. By using a classic avatar type of shape, and system and prim clothing, you can be the size and shape you want to be and still have clothes that fit perfectly, with no need for an alpha masking layer. Further information will be available at the shop and on the website. Please feel free to contact me, either via notecard in Second Life or via email at beth.ghostraven@gmail.com.

-Beth Ghostraven, Proprietor

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Beth Ghostraven is also the proprietor of The Book and Tankard Public House in Victoria City, in the Independent State of Caledon, in Second Life. She hosts occasional musical events there, and spends much of her time interacting with education groups inworld. She is also known as the Spam Queen for her frequent postings (with permission!) about events.