GPA Dinkies Is OPEN in Raglan Shire!

OK, I’ve offishully gone nuts making Dinkies clothing. Modeled after our original clothing for Biggies, GPA’s color-coded mix-and-match clothing is now available for Dinkies avatars! Most of the shirts are BoM (Bakes on Mesh) tattoo layers, and most of the pants and jackets are mesh layers. (“WOT??!? Mesh?!?”, you say? Because all Dinkies avatars are the same shape, the body image thing does not apply here.) Click here to go to GPA Dinkies in Raglan Shire (Second Life grid).

Our clothing does *not* include the Dinkies avatars, which were invented and made by Etheria Parrott. To see them, go to her Second Life Marketplace store ( and search for Dinkies under Complete Avatars.

Our new shop is color-coded for ease of finding things. Girls’ and boys’ clothes are not differentiated – choose whatever you want to wear. For now, our Dinkies clothing is only available inworld, but Marketplace listings will hopefully come soon.


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