GPA at Fantasy Faire! Wif NEW Dinkies Attire!

I’m so excited! I have a booth in my Relay for Life of Second Life team’s shop at Fantasy Faire! We are Team ACTS, Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps, which encompasses the Steamlands (such as Caledon) and many Tinies lands (such as Raglan Shire). Fantasy Faire is my absolute favorite event in Second Life.

I’ve been a part-time Tiny for quite a few years, and was brought over to the Dinkies side a couple of years ago. I’ve been learning how to make Dinkies clothing (thanks to Etheria Parrott for her generous sharing of resources). For this year’s Fantasy Faire I am premiering some brand-new outfits and dresses for Dinkies. The money from most of these goes 100% to Relay for Life to help fund cancer research and care. Here’s where we are at Fantasy Faire, through May 8th:

Especially for the Faire, I made Dinkies t-shirts for many of the cancer support ribbon colors. For Biggies I just made the lavender All Cancers shirt, but I’ll be happy to make others upon request. At the bottom of this post, I’ll include what I wrote for an accompanying notecard, with some more resources. I plan to put the shirts out in RFL vendors at my team’s campsite at Relay for Life later, too.

Here are the new Dinkies outfits:

and the new Dinkies dresses:

and a couple of outfits for Biggies, too:

Fantasy Faire is SO AMAZING! Make sure you go, at least just to look around and celebrate all of the creativity and imagination!

It has become customary to support people suffering from various illnesses with different colored twists of ribbon, pinned to a shirt. The ribbon symbol is also used to show support. Although I haven’t found an official source for the particular colors used for different types of cancer, general guidelines appear in several sources, some of which are listed below. Inspired by the infographic published by the Fathead brand (, I created my own chart of some of the most important ribbon colors.

My choice of which colors to include is purely personal. I have had numerous friends and family members in the physical and virtual worlds who have developed cancer, and some of the colors included are in their honor or remembrance. Shady Fox was a Tiny who died from bladder cancer. Kelli Solo, another Tiny, recently died of esophageal cancer. My dear friend Alastair Whybrow from Caledon died of prostate cancer, and my sister-in-law Paulina continues to deal with the after-effects of her chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. These are just a few of many.

The list grows longer every year, and I’m thankful that research has helped so many to deal with cancer as a chronic disease instead of a fatal one. I have supported Relay for Life in the physical and virtual worlds for many years. I love how we all come together and combine our various talents and abilities to further this gigantic and far-reaching cause. Thank you for helping!

Beth Ghostraven
April 2023


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