Last-Minute Steam Hunt Alert!

As many of you know, my motto is “If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done.” In keeping with that, I wanted to let you know that Ghostraven Professional Attire is in the Steam Hunt! We were a last-minute entry, too – I didn’t think I’d have time with the VWBPE conference coming up, but better late than never! Although the hunt ends today, I’ll leave my prize out for a little while longer.

Here’s your carriage:

Click the gear on the poster for your hint!

Here’s an extra hint – it’s very close to the front door and the window.

GPA at Mieville New Kingston

We also have a shop in Mieville New Kingston with all of our steampunk attire. Here’s your carriage to that one:

See for more info about the Steam Hunt.

Yours in haste,


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