Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, I missed the entire winter holiday season on this blog. The joke in my family is that the traditional greeting on our Christmas cards is “Happy Valentine’s Day!” If you are in our inworld group, you hopefully got the gift I sent out, which included all of the prizes and gifts offered at all of the winter holiday events. If you didn’t, and you would like it, just contact me and I’ll happily send it over.

Because I’m happily married in the physical world, I don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day in the virtual worlds. However, it’s nice to have something festive to wear, so I’ve made a few things that I hope you’ll like, too. As usual, you can modify all of the pieces to make pieces longer or shorter.

GPA at Love & Camouflage in Second Life

I love the Wonderland Beach events, the latest of which is Love & Camouflage. The pictures above show the men’s and women’s parts of our FREE hunt prize, which is hopefully not very hard to find. Our cart is located on the Second Life grid at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Long%20Beach/93/147/22. Have fun hunting (and shopping too, of course!)


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