Ghostraven Professional Attire is still here!

Although I’ve been keeping up the main Caledon shop location, and exhibiting at the VWBPE and OSCC conferences, I kind of let this blog slide to the wayside. Here are a few of the new things I’ve been working on:

Men’s Clothing

In addition to the free suits that we started with, we now offer business suits in several colors, as well as formal and casual shirts. The suits come with a skinny tie, and more ties are coming soon.

Zinnia’s Colors

Zinnia Zauber’s “hue are you” color theory has long been an inspiration of mine. She offers a variety of beautiful professional clothing at her shop in Second Life® ( Her clothes are all mesh, and I decided to offer (with her permission) coordinating system pieces in some of the same colors. So far I have made men’s casual and formal shirts, and women’s tank tops and bolero jackets. These bold colors seem to lend themselves more to tops than bottoms; if you are interested in system pants or prim flexi skirts in these colors, please let me know.


I love the swish of flexi skirts made from prims. These are attached rather than painted on. When an avatar sits, a system skirt helps the avatar appear to be still wearing a skirt even when gravity drags the prim parts downward under the chair.

These dresses come with pieces in print fabrics that can be mixed and matched with each other and with solid fabric pieces. This is the Snowflake Blue Darker dress with and without a system skirt – the choice is yours!

This is the Blue Wedgwood dress (can you tell I like blue?) with the scoop neck top and coordinating sash; with the tank top; and with the coordinating bolero jacket (not included).

The Floral Print dress is perfect for summer, and comes with the same assortment of pieces.

And looking ahead to Fall, the Autumn November dress includes a variety of coordinating print and solid fabrics.

I’m still working on updating the shop, but all of these things will be available soon. See you there!


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