Ghostraven Professional Attire’s New Main Shop

GPA Caledon Shop_006My home in Second Life has long been the Independent State of Caledon, where I own the Book & Tankard  Pub in Victoria City. When the parcel next to the pub recently became vacant, I made the decision to rent it for my shop. Because Caledon is a Victorian Steampunk region, I don’t want to sell my modern clothing at ground level, so I’ve compromised by having a dummy shop at ground level and the real shop in a skybox. (If I can eventually make Victorian educators’ clothing, I’ll sell that at ground level.) Here’s the SLurl:

I’ll keep the shop on VSTE Island for a while, although there isn’t enough wall space to display everything. Eventually I’ll be exporting some of my own designs to the OSCC shop in OpenSim. The Caledon shop will be the main shop. I have way more ideas than time, so things may move slowly, but they’ll get there! In the meantime, stop by and pick up some freebies!

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